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Karen Palmer

XR creator | AI artist

Karen Palmer is the storyteller from the future - an AI artist and award-winning XR creator who explores the societal implications of AI and technology and the impact of inequality. She achieves this by allowing participants to experience the future today through her immersive experiences, which use artificial intelligence and facial recognition technologies to reflect on the present. As an international speaker, she highlights the potential impact of Artificial Intelligence from a social justice perspective and the necessity to Democratise AI.

In 2023, Karen won the coveted XR Experience Competition at SXSW 2023 with her film "Consensus Gentium." The story of this film branches in real-time, depending on the gaze and emotions of the participants. This allows participants to simultaneously experience their AI biases, surveillance technologies, the potential integration of these technologies into everyday life, and how they might affect societal structures, human rights, and civil liberties. "Consensus Gentium" has travelled to various prestigious festivals including CPH:DOX in Copenhagen, London Roundhouse, London Film Festival, Kaohsiung Film Festival in Taiwan, Silbersalz Festival in Germany, Geneva International Film Festival (GIFF), Munich Film Festival, and Ars Electronica in Austria, to name a few.


Meet Karen Palmer during the conference here: