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Sharing Data for Social Goals

Workshop - Under what conditions are you willing to share data to strengthen the social economy?

June 06 15:20 - 16:20 @

Language: English.

The social economy contributes to societal goals: making public transport more accessible, making society healthier, producing food more sustainably, or advancing the energy transition. Large-scale data sharing provides a valuable source of information for the European Commission, for example, to strengthen the social economy. However, sharing data is not without risks. Under what conditions are you willing to share data for our social economy?

During this session we will work on the good and difficult sides of data sharing. We'll cover the goals of the social economy and how data can contribute to these. Then, we will start with a workshop in which we will explore the ethical data principles underlying existing data-sharing practices in health, agriculture and energy. We will look at how these practices are currently structured and explore if and how they can be improved. Join us and shape data-sharing practices in the social economy!

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