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Data Commons and Data Vaults

Stichting Nederlandse Datakluis (Netherlands Data Vault Foundation) aims to enable citizens to exercise control over their own media-data. But should data control be in the hands of the individual or the community?

June 27 11:00 - 12:00 @

Language: English.

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In the Datakluis (Data Vault) initiative, large media companies in the Netherlands (e.g. NPO, RTL, Talpa) will work together to enable public access to media content online. Individuals can then control the data collected about their choices by accessing a data vault shaped by the open source ethos and based on public values. This data vault allows people to choose under what circumstances they want to share their data, or if theyā€™d like to share their data at all. The BBC has had such a Data Vault in place since 2014 and can share their experiences with it. However, the question for debate is whether or not using the perspective of the individual on data control is the best approach when it comes to accessing media. What are the pros and cons of this individual approach? What could a social or communal approach (a data commons approach) to sharing and protecting data add?


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