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International session 2

The state of play of European legislation

May 17 15:15 - 17:00 @

Language: English.

Tamar Sharon Kim van Sparrentak Lotje Beek Claudine Vliegen Paul Keller

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In Brussels, much initiative has been started to better regulate technology in Europe. A lot of it is aimed at curbing the powers of big tech and to generally better safeguard human rights and our common, public values in the digital realm. In this session, we will take stock of the regulation that has just been passed in Europe, in particular the Digital Markets Act and Digital Services Act, and look at the legislation that is underway - such as the AI Act and the Data Act. With Paul Keller as moderator, the panel with representation from Members of the European Parliament, civil society and academia will also discuss what may still be missing once these laws have passed.