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Opening up the Mobile Ecosystem

Panel - Taking back control through legislation and alternatives

June 07 15:20 - 16:20 @

Language: English.

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The mobile ecosystem has long been influenced and controlled by a few large technology companies. For example, Google and Apple continue to develop operating systems and define through legal terms as well as drivers and interfaces how apps can communicate and interoperate with them. This limits the freedom that citizens and European organisations have to choose mobile software on their own terms and increases people's dependence on these technologies.

We can take back this ecosystem! With legislation and with alternatives to counter the power of the Big Tech companies, we can open up the system. Legislation like the Digital Markets Act requires Google and Apple to allow sideloading and alternative app distribution methods, among others. Developers have already created several alternative softwares, including operating systems like e/OS and UbuntuTouch, app stores for FOSS (Free and Open-Source Software) apps, and tracker free apps.  

This session explores how we can leverage FOSS technologies and European laws to create mobile software that is open, fair, and attuned to user needs. Scholars, regulators, and developers will discuss existing software ecosystems, new legislation and technology solutions to move beyond them. Together, we'll explore what future steps we should take to further support these FOSS alternatives.